Pink Lady Dancers

ZZ & the BOYS

Back Story

ZZ & the BOYS started as a surprise party for a good friend at his gay club.

I sugested to make a show with myself and 6 guys to surprise this friend on his birthday. The guys had no experience as dancer and to start with, it was never meant to be more then that one show.


I never had so many great responds in my 6 years as Pink Lady Dancer and we did this show 3 times on request. My facebook was overload with pictures.. "ZZ & the BOYS" were a HIT!!!

I can't tell you how proud I was. The boys were/are fantastic and they brought more and more in.

I made a second show "ZZ & the BOYS goes 007" and again this became a great HIT!

I am really blessed with this bunch of wonderful guys, who really do all they can, to make our shows great.

Keep an eye on our Calendar or join the Pink Lady Fan group, to stay updated, coz I can tell you, many more shows will follow!!